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Book Activities for Families

A Dragon in the Sky:
The Story of a Green Darner Dragonfly

Written by Laurence Pringle
Illustrated by Bob Marshall

A scientific adventure that tells the story of Anax, a green darner dragonfly that hatches in a swamp in western New York and migrates to a pond in Florida. This thoroughly researched story shares observations into the dragonfly's life cycle, feeding habits, predators, and the skills it needs for survival.

This great book also provides additional factual information, a list of recommended books and articles, and websites for further reading.

Making Connections Activities:

  • Find out other animals that migrate to your area and observe them carefully. Keep a journal of the things you notice. Find out where the animal migrated from and how its life began.

  • Research an animal or creature. Write an adventure story that details the animal's life.


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