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Book Activities for Families

Turtle Bay
Written by Saviour Pirotta
Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry

An intriguing story about Taro, a young boy in Japan, and his fascination with a wise old man who awaits the return of the loggerhead turtles, one of seven kinds of turtles living in the sea.

Taro helps clean the beach for the annual arrival of the turtles ready to lay their eggs. Readers learn the characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of the loggerhead turtle.

Making Connections Activities:

  • Learn about the seven different types of sea turtles and map their migration paths.

  • Participate in a beach clean up in your local area.

  • Go on a turtle watch to observe the sea turtles coming to shore and laying their eggs. Most turtle watch areas have a local organization that provides guided walks.

  • Draw a life-sized loggerhead turtle with chalk in your driveway.


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